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Architectural Designs

Cora Homes is a company dedicated to custom home and property enhancement. Our design and architectural teams regularly provide customers with high-quality, effective architectural design and planning services. Select an architect who can guarantee you the peace of mind you deserve and the home you envisioned.


We Provide a Custom Design Process

Selecting the right architect is one of the most significant decisions you can make when creating architectural drawings and designing your custom building or renovation project. A knowledgeable and experienced architect will work with you to create the plans for a custom construction process, taking your needs and desires into mind. With the help of Cora Homes, you can realize every single one of your objectives. We provide our customers with the most personalized design process-taking time to sit with you and create any plans you may need. We offer the following:

  • Plans for renovation applications
  • Home extension or addition plans
  • Custom home architectural designs
  • Custom business architectural designs
  • Full architectural services for projects of any size

We Offer a No-Cost Referral and Consultation Services

Our company offers you the opportunity to meet with our architectural design teams before you make a decision. Take the time to present your ideas to us, and we’ll come up with an accurate estimate and detailed plan of the job. This allows you to have a wholly accurate idea of the design process, budget and vision. We guarantee to consult with you during every portion of the design process, offering a high level of input and suggestions.


We Guarantee Highly Flexible Rates and Services

If you’re unfamiliar with the process, we will take the time to brief you every step of the way. We can answer any and all of your questions and will provide you with all the necessary information as to our rates and services. As we are committed to providing all people with custom home building and design services, we also offer flexible financing options on all of the services. Meet with our financial consultants for more information about custom home building, rates and the real estate market. We have the capacity to create an architectural design for any investment.

Consult with our design team for information, ideas and creative possibilities unlike any seen on the market. Contact Cora Homes today and get started on your custom home building journey. We provide architectural design, renovation plans and architectural drawings as well as financing options and investment counseling. Call us at: 647-232-5353 or email us at info@corahomes.ca.


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