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Initial Consultation

In order to provide you with the utmost comfort during the initial consultation, we schedule a time for our representatives to visit you in your home. This initial consultation will be your original idea of how our company functions, what you can expect and how we can meet your goals. During this 1-2 hour meeting, you’ll be asked to discuss your wish-list, your absolute musts, your goals and objectives in the building or renovation process, and what your desired investment range would be. We will, in turn, take the time to get to know you, your home and how we can help. If both parties determine that we are a good fit, we will proceed to the next stage, which is the forming of a preliminary estimate.

At any point, you have the option of backing out with no obligations. This part of the process is complimentary.


Custom home process - consultation


Custom home process - Plan and design


Talk, Planning and Design Vision

Within the next few days, we’ll ask you to provide our design teams with images, sketches and ideas which reflect your design style, vision for the space and personal expectations. We’ll review these ideas, get back to you with suggestions and continue this process until we feel we have a sufficient vision in mind. We invite you to be as open with us as possible in order to facilitate this portion of the planning process! We dedicate all our time to making your concepts a reality, which means we wish to hear as much from you as you can give.


Contract, Concept Design and Development

In this stage, we offer you with a preliminary estimate and plan. Most likely, this estimate and plan will be subject to many changes over time, depending on you and your involvement. As your design is developed, you will receive a more and more accurate estimate of costs and budget, as well as more accurate design drawings and concepts. We will also create a highly technological 3D model so that you can see your project evolving over time, and have an accurate image of your completed vision. If you are satisfied with your preliminary budget, we will provide you with paperwork and finalize our contract.

Our design fee is always included in the preliminary estimate, meaning we will never charge you extra for any of our design skills. Cora Homes always aims to keep you in the know about any price changes and problems.


Custom home process - development


Custom home process - finalizing


Planning, Drawing and Finalizing

Proceeding, we will present you with your new design plan. Together we’ll go back and forth, reviewing your project and your feedback, address your concerns, implement new features and continuously create new drawings and update your 3D design. When we feel and you feel that you’re satisfied, we will finalize the project and obtain the building permits it necessitates.


Final Design Presentation

In order to give you the most accurate image of your final project, we always provide our customers with a final design presentation. Based on the final design we give you a comprehensive construction summary and agreement. This information will include: two sets of design plans, a detailed written estimate detailing which products and services we are responsible for providing, a start and completion date as well as a payment schedule.


Custom home process - Design presentation

Custom home process - Construction



Due to our detailed planning process, we can offer you a smooth renovation project. We employ only the best contractors to ensure the highest quality construction and renovation work. This process should be quick, easy and painless. We aim to stick to our preliminary schedule, and complete your project as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your new property.



During this phase, any final touches you require will be added to your home. This means wall covering, decoration, trim, lighting, moulding, final touches and any interior design services you will require. We offer interior design and decoration services for your benefit. You can sit down with our team of interior designers, who will be happy to assist you in finding the best possible interior decoration for your needs.

Custom home process - Finishing
Custom home process - Final step


What You Can Expect

During the construction process, you can expect the site to be kept clean and your property maintained. If you are renovating, you can expect your home to be thoroughly cleaned by a team of professionals and presented to you in the best possible way. It is important to us that you are completely happy with the outcome of the project and that you can start enjoying your home as soon as possible.



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