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Cora Homes is proud to offer over 20 years of high-quality construction and custom home design services in the Greater Toronto Area. Our company is built on the goal of complete customer satisfaction and extraordinary craftsmanship. To exceed all standards, we work with powerful 3D Design technology and a team of talented architects, real estate agents and investors, showing our customers how strategic custom home developments can become a tool for investment.

Our company offers a complete service package, from design services to construction and finalization of interior décor. Cora Home’s team is passionate about quality and investment. We look at each property as an individual entity, custom tailoring it to the needs of potential buyers, the area and your personal needs.

We aim to offer our services to every customer, offering comprehensive financing and the best rates in the area. In order to facilitate foreign investments, we provide investors with professional advice regarding the Canadian real estate market and resale value. Similarly, we connect you with agents all across the world, so that your transition into real estate investments is easy and overseen by a trusted professional.

See for yourself what the Cora Homes advantage really is. Get in touch with our team to learn more about what we can do for you today. 




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